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Thank you for selecting Yachtsman Marine for your survey needs.  Please also review Code of Ethics section.

Fees are due on or before the day of survey.

Fees may be paid via POSTAL SERVICE at:

Yachtsman Marine LLC

5318 E. 2nd Street #415

Long Beach CA, 90803

OR via credit card at PayPal.com 

http://www.PayPal.com  Please select the account of  garybeck@vesselsurveyor.com

or as requested via the "Survey Request" at the left sidebar and an invoice will be emailed to you via PayPal.com

Please click on the appropriate "Survey Type" in the left sidebar for additional information on services, and applicable fees.

DAMAGE SURVEY-Fee will vary with conditions, please fill out survey request and provide details in the commentary section or submit assignment information to garybeck@vesselsurveyor.com

Additional fees may apply for vessels beyond 50 miles of the the Long Beach area. See appropriate type of survey for applicable survey fees.

Please inquire with garybeck@vesselsurveyor.com

Final fees and arrangements are made by clicking on "Survey Request" in the left sidebar and by providing the requested information.

A confirming email regarding fees and arrangements will be sent via the email you provide.

The "Survey Request" shall serve as a Work Order" and sets fourth an understanding of services, fees, and limitations. Surveyor is the confidential agent of client and is acting exclusively on his/her behalf. Client agrees to hold harmless and protect surveyor regarding all matters of the survey and report, present and future.