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Surveyor encourages and respects the ethics statement of the California Yacht Brokers Association and the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors, herein included in full.  In consideration of these ethics statements, Surveyor furthermore asserts the following:

1.  Surveyor shall not engage in practices where his independence may be compromised or the appearance of same, including the transaction of payment for services as follows;  

2.  In order to maintain a completely unbiased opinion and the appearance of same, fees for services shall be paid prior to issuance of the survey report, i.e. on or before the day of survey or after survey with prior arrangements, however in no case before fees are paid, except as follows;  

3.  For the clients convenience, where a brokerage /agent is a member of the CYBA and said brokerage uses the CYBA standard sales contract, surveyor may issue the report in advance of payment, where the client and agent agree that fees will be paid from the brokerage deposit fund, provided fees are on account, and without conditions and as follows;  

4.  Surveyor will maintain the confidential nature of a survey report and therefore will issue the report first and foremost, only to the client, and thereafter, only as approved by the client.

5.  Other payment considerations may be considered only prior to the day of survey.