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Marinas sometimes require a Condition and Value marine survey to minimize the risk of permitting a vessel into their marina. Such risks are very similar to considerations for an insurance survey where hull integrity, general condition and safety of the vessel are most important to marina occupants. Please see "Insurance Survey" for more information. 
Sometimes marinas give minimum required information they want on reports to their perspective tenants, however, Accredited/Certified Surveyors must also comply with the standards and protocols of their respective professional organizations SAMS/NAMS in the content of their reports. Typically an insurance survey or per-purchase survey will contain what marinas expect. 

FEES-for fiberglass recreational vessels  between Long Beach, Base of Operation and Newport Beach, Sand Pedro, Wilmington, Redondo Beach and Huntington Harbor and Newport Beach.

$500-for vessel to 35 feet
$550- for vessels over 36 feet to 45 feet
$600-for vessels over 46 to 50'
$50-Travel Fee applies beyond beyond 50 miles or one hour from Belmont Shore, Long Beach CA., Base of operations.

Please inquire for other vessels with garybeck@vesselsurveyor.com or
click on "Survey Request"