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This is the most comprehensive type of Condition and Value Survey and is strongly advised when purchasing/acquiring a vessel or for clients with a recent purchase.  A full and comprehensive hull survey requires an out-of-water inspection at a shipyard. The general condition and overall operation of the vessel navigational equipment is examined.  This includes hull condition sounding and compliance as regards to the Code of Federal Regulations and American Boat and Yacht Council installation recommendations for typical systems, regarding readily accessible navigational electrical systems, propulsion systems, fuel systems, ancillary vessel navigational machinery, navigation equipment, cosmetic appearance and overall condition, and fair market/market value.

This survey may be used to satisfy insurance and finance company and marina requirements as well.

Fiberglass hulls will be sounded for delamination and may be checked with a moisture meter; Wood hulls may require fastenings to be withdrawn for examination of their condition; metal hulls may require audio gauging, all excellent reasons for an out-of-water survey. Please click on "Survey Scope" in the left side bar for further clarification.

FEES-Recreational Boats:    
Fiberglass hull boats up to 32 feet-$700 flat rate fee for survey;
Fiberglass hull boats 33 to to 45 feet-$22/ft; 
Fiberglass hull boats 46 to 65 feet-$25/ft;

Travel expenses-$50 to Marina Del Rey/King Harbor/Dana Point; $100 to Channel Island Harbor/ San Diego Additional site visit pursuant to amending report, or haul-out after initial survey- $300 recreational and $500 non-recreational, travel and optional sea trial fees additionally apply.
Optional Sea/water trial $75/hour (typically 1-hour) in conjunction with survey, available upon request.Please inquire with garybeck@vesselsurveyor.com for commercial, or hull materials other than fiberglass. 

See other survey categories for applicable fees and click on "Fees/Arrangements" for additional information.

Please click on  "Survey Request" in the left sidebar, provide the information,  we can then schedule the survey for you. 

We will attempt to render your report via your provided email within three business days from day of survey and receipt of fees.

Clients are encouraged to utilize a sales contract such as provided by the California Yacht Brokers Association CYBA http://www.cyba.info/cybabuying.html.

The "Survey Request" shall serve as a Work Order" and sets fourth an understanding of services, fees, and limitations. Surveyor is the confidential agent of client and is acting exclusively on his/her behalf.  Client agrees to hold harmless and protect surveyors regarding all matters of the survey and report, present and future.