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Insurance Survey
This survey is intended where the owner has had charge of the vessel for at least a year and otherwise knows the vessel via a previous recent survey or experience with the vessel. Otherwise a more comprehensive is advised, see per-purchase survey. The insurance Condition and Value survey is performed so that  insurance underwriters can determine policy conditions and the cost for their client. They are interested in hull integrity and safety for the intended/design use. Insurance companies vary in requirements for survey/renewal frequency based on vessel age, value and other factors, however generally require a survey on boats over ten years in service.
They will also want to know the vessel's fair market value. Surveys on vessels for insurance purposes may require an out-of-water survey or haul-out, please verify with the insurance provider.

Please click on "Survey Scope" in the left sidebar for further clarification.

FEES-Recreational Fiberglass Boats

Fiberglass vessels to 33 feet-$600.

Fiberglass vessels 34 to 45 feet-$18/FT
Fiberglass vessels 46 to 65 feet-$20/ft

FEES-Non-recreational -Fiberglass- $30/ft, w/$600 minimum up to 45 feet.

FEES-Non-recreational-Fiberglass-$35/ft, 46 feet to 65 feet.

Additional site visit pursuant to amending report, or haul-out after initial survey- $300 recreational boats/$500 non-recreational boats; plus travel and optional sea trial fees additionally apply.

Fees for other hull materials, larger vessels or commercial vessels may vary, please inquire. Please click on "Fees/Arrangements" in the side bar for more information.
Travel fees may be applicable for travel greater than 50 miles from long beach or greater than one hour of travel, please inquire.

Please click on "Survey Request" in the left sidebar, provide the requested information and we can verify the fees and get the survey scheduled for you.