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Marine Surveys are of several types for  specific client requirements:

Prepurchase Survey  is a comprehensive condition and value survey to well inform the new buyer of the condition and value, usually prior to purchase, or for clients with recent purchases. This survey can be used by insurance, finance companies and marinas.

Insurance Survey is a condition and value survey for insurance policy underwriting or renewal requirements and is also suitable for marinas. These surveys are for boaters who have owned their vessels for a minimum of 12 months, and focus on hull integrity, safety and vessel inventory associated with vessel value for clients whom have long term familiarity with the vessel. 

Appraisal Survey to establish fair market value for donation purposes or to assist in legal or tax disputes.

Damage Appraisal to provide clients and insurance companies with damage assessments including scope of damage, and probable cause

SURVEY FOR MARINA include condition and value surveys for insurance and pre-purchase surveys. Fees for marina surveys-see prepurchase fees for boats owned for less then six months; see insurance survey fees for boats owned for over six months.

Well conducted surveys can provide important information on the vessel condition and value so the client is prepared to make well informed decisions. Surveys are not warranties or guarantees, however, the survey attempts to inform the client of the conditions observed within areas that are reasonably accessible and as were observed aboard the day of the survey.    

Yachtsman Marine Survey provides a comprehensive report with information in a format that most insurance companies and financial institutions prefer. They are provided with the condition and fair market value in order to finance and/or underwrite your vessel. It is our goal to provide for our clients the condition and fair market value before purchase to assist them in making well informed decisions.  However, it can never be overstated that the most important reason to survey the vessel is for the health and safety of all persons aboard or near the vessel.   

Survey samples and references are available upon request.

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