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The surveyor will examine Engines, machinery, electrical, plumbing, mechanical systems and such components, sails, spars, and rigging to the extent possible while aboard. Sometimes areas of the vessel are not accessible or obstructed by the location of other equipment such as engines, tanks, generators, bulkheads, finishes, trim, plumbing and such ancillary equipment, which may limit full examination. 

Rigging inspections are made at deck level and below.  Rigging aloft will require inspection by a professional Rigger, commissioned directly by Client at his/her discretion. 

Surveyor will observe machinery and engines exterior conditions, visual emissions, audible sounds and installations for compliance with the American Boat and Yacht Council recommendations (ABYC). Where compression testing, oil samples or comprehensive internal engine evaluation is required, a marine mechanic should be commissioned by Client at his/her discretion. Surveyor may recommend a mechanical evaluation by a mechanic where anomalous conditions are sighted.

Yachtsman Marine utilizes various non-destructive testing equipment in the process of a survey including moisture meter, multimeter, refractometer, carbon monoxide detector, mallet, silver chloride electrode, laser thermometer and various other types of measuring equipment. Sometimes third party or shipyard services such as thermography, audio gauge, X ray services or fastener withdrawal may be recommended and are at clients discretion.

Divers provide vital services in the marine industry, however they typically are not marine surveyors and a thorough hull survey requires an out of water haul out.  The expert examination of the hull by an accredited marine surveyor at a shipyard or aboard trailer will provide the optimal opportunity for professional examination, and the rendering of revealing findings.

Via this website and the Survey Request we attempt to render an understanding of the services and fees. In the rare event, disputes will be managed via mediation.