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The most comprehensive survey can be conducted when the vessel has been properly prepared. Valves and systems should be made accessible and not obstructed by movable equipment and storage items.  Examination of typical vessel use conditions can be done where AC and/or DC electrical power is provided, batteries are charged, fluid levels and water and fuel tanks are filled, as necessary for normal vessel operation.

It is ultimately the responsibility of the buyer to ensure the seller or his/her broker, agent or representative has made preparations and provisions including providing all necessary apparatus and personnel to fully demonstrate the vessel, machinery and systems for observation by the surveyor.

The sellers responsibility is sometimes abdicated to a broker/agent, who must then take responsibility to demonstrate the vessel and systems.  It is in the interest of the buyer to make it clear to the broker/agent or seller of the forgoing expectations and to furthermore so state them within the context of a purchase/pre-purchase agreement.   

Vessels on trailers or on the hard, must have cooling water provided and the necessary adapter to mate the hose nozzle to the engine/boat cooling system.